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10 top reasons to attend 2020 Global Investment in Aviation Summit in UAE

Did you know number of air travellers will double by 2030? According to the International Civil Aviation Organisation, a specialised agency of the United Nations, global air travel will see a 100 per cent rise, which brings cheers to aviation sector.

Also, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has reported passenger traffic grew across every region in May 2019 compared to May 2018, contributing to global year-on-year growth of 4.5 per cent.
So, the mood in the industry is upbeat, but at the same time, it makes the industry more responsible as they have to manage the flux of travellers and destination by providing more carriers.

Here comes the importance of Global Investment in Aviation Summit (GIAS) 2020 to be held on January 27-29. The largest aviation investor summit was launched in 2018 to establish a socioeconomic sustainable civil aviation system around the world.  
Here are the 10 top reasons
  1. First-of-its-kind in the world
GIAS is the first ever platform that has brought investors from across the world together to ‘enable global aviation growth through fund raising and key partnership’ in partnership with aviation experts, financiers and governments.
  1. Investor friendly summit
Participants, be it investors or experts or aviation officials, GIAS promotes an awareness on investment options, and how can they can enter into an international market with confidence.
  1. Find financiers easily
GIAS is not all about meetings and discussions with aviation experts; it offers a line-up of financiers making it easier for investors to network and grow their business in an international platform.
  1. Networking made easier
GIAS is one such platform where networking is made easier for investors from across the world.
  1. Much more than discussions
Brainstorming sessions are key to any summits. At GIAS, it goes beyond discussions as it comes up with concrete solutions and deals to boost the aviation industry.
  1. Common platform
Compared to other aviation conferences across the world GIAS attracts more participants, which includes government officials, industry experts and investors.
  1. Regional hub
GIAS 2020 will be the channel for the MENA’s largest airline market as well as aviation hub that connects aviation sectors around the world.
  1. Genuine marketplace
GIAS 2020 is estimated to have a value of $300 billion in aviation investment projects with 1000+ delegates anticipated to take part in it.
  1. On expansion mode
A whopping Dh85 billion worth development projects are in progress at various airports in UAE, which is definitely a big boost for potential investors in the aviation sector.
  1. Free admission
While aviation summits charges visitors for their participation, at GIAS admission is free for all, except for workshops and conferences