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Alexander Alves

Chief Commercial Officer- Sevenair Group, Lisbon (Portugal)

Chief Commercial Officer, Sevenair Group, Lisbon (Portugal)
(Feb2017 – Present)

Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Helped developing the commercial department, strategy and market positioning
  • Successfully negotiated partnerships with key players
  • Directly negotiated B2B customer contracts
  • Created new products and services to be implemented in the market
  • Group operates in the general aviation industry through a number of subsidiaries. It has a training division, a maintenance division, a brokerage and trading division and a regional airline. It has bases in Portugal, Morocco and Mozambique and total yearly revenues over €12 Million
Senior Business Development Advisor, Xtrapower, Lisbon (Portugal)
(Sept 2016 – Present)

Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Helped developing the commercial strategy and market positioning
  • Successfully negotiated partnerships and customer contracts
  • Identified and negotiated disruptive products and services to be implemented in the market
  • Company operates as a product and service provider for the logistics and transportation industries with also a special focus in deals involving aviation
Senior Advisor to the Board, Individual Jet, Zurich (Switzerland)
(May 2016 – Present)

Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Developed the operational procedures leading to an EASA AOC license
  • Created the operational and commercial strategy
  • Negotiated commercial contracts with key customers that lead to the management of 5 business jets with a total of 1500h sold per year
  • Company operates as a business jet broker and operator with extensive customer database in Switzerland, Italy and Portugal
Executive Director, Alveca – Aviation Consultants, Madrid (Spain)
(June 2016 – Present)

Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Developed the commercial and operational strategy
  • Negotiated with key international companies dealership rights for the Spanish market
  • Closed an aviation fuel deal that represents €5 Million in sales per annum starting in 2017
  • Successfully intermediated the purchase of a business aviation company by an international operator on a €30 Million deal
  • Company operates as a service and product supplier for the aviation industry
Non-Executive Director | Board Member, TCBS Group, Dubai (UAE)
(May 2016 – Present)

Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Dedicated to develop the commercial and operational strategy for the group and its subsidiaries
  • Closed several dealership and acquisition contracts
  • Dedicated to support special projects within the group that lead to saving costs, improve efficiency and increase profits
  • Group operates as an investment holding with equity in several companies in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and in different sectors
Non-Executive Director | Board Member, Safeport Executive Handling, Sal
(Cape Verde)
(Sept 2015 – Present)

Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Created the strategy for operational reorganization of the company in close cooperation with the CEO
  • Negotiated with international groups an investment deal that represents a partnership or the acquisition of the company
  • Company operates as a FBO/Handling operator in Portugal and Cape Verde. It’s the largest operator in the sector in both countries and its part of the Mirpuri Investments Holding that owns several aviation related companies such as Hifly, Lsky, Jetlink and Mesa.
Chief Operating Officer | Board Member, SCA Hospitality, Lisbon (Portugal)
(Jan 2014 – Feb 2017)

Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Created operational procedures for the company and individual departments
  • Developed procedures that reduced more than €500K per annum in operating costs
  • Directly in-charge of reception/front desk, transportation/transfers, security, cleaning, maintenance and restaurant departments in a total of 74 staff team
  • Company operates in the hospitality industry in Portugal and Spain owning and managing 4x boutique hotels, 45x villas and 5x hostels in Portugal with a combined 1000 bed capacity and also 1x restaurant and 2x cafés
Executive Director | Board Member, G Air Group, Ponte de Sor (Portugal)
(Jan 2014 – May 2016)

Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Launched Cabin Crew courses in the training division (G Air Training Centre) in partnership with Orbest airline which led to 200 trainees per annum and €400K in yearly revenues
  • Created from start-up an EASA Part 145 company (G Air Maintenance) which led to cutting costs and creating a new revenue source with €1.5M per annum
  • Created and implemented operational procedures for the logistics and procurement department. This department is responsible for the reception, security, building maintenance, accommodation, cafeteria and cleaning services, with a team of 40 staff. It procures all products for the group from stationary to airplanes
  • Successfully negotiated with suppliers and partners conditions that led to savings of €500K per annum
  • Developed B2B negotiations with key international customers, partners (OEM’s included) and governments that led to several multi-year and multi-million contracts
  • Directly managed the Spanish subsidiary (G Air Training Centre) implementing operational procedures, negotiating with key suppliers having saved €750K in costs in 10 months
  • Created from start-up a product supplier for the aviation industry (G Air Trading)
  • Held Executive Director position in several subsidiaries (G Air Trading, G Air Training Centre Portugal, G Air Training Centre Spain, G Air Advanced Training)
  • Group operates in the general aviation industry in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Dubai with partnerships with several international companies. Its training division is one of the fastest growing and leading companies worldwide. Group has €12M in yearly revenues
Chief Executive Officer | Board Member, TCBS Group, Dubai (UAE)
(May 2008 – May 2016)

Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Created the group from start-up to the point where it has equity in dozens of companies in more than 7 countries of Europe, Africa and the Middle East and revenues of €20M per annum
  • Directly in charge of developing and implementing the sales, operational and investment strategy
  • Through this position also held Executive Director, Board Member, COO positions in several of the subsidiaries in Portugal, Spain, Cape Verde and Mozambique (SOPAM, Agroglobal, Excelsior, 5th Marketing Edition, Imoplus, Mão Na Massa, Loarco, TCBS Moçambique, Pelorus, Floating Angels, GAM Metalomecanica, Alves&Gouveia) helping them to organize its structure, strategy, create procedures, negotiate contracts.
  • Group operates as an investment harm controlling equity in dozens of companies in 7 countries. Main sectors of investment are Railway, Aviation, Agri-business, FMCG, Hospitality, Real Estate
  • Held 2x consecutive CEO mandates which is the maximum allowed by internal regulations
Executive Director, Mão Na Massa, Lisbon (Portugal)
(Dec 2006 – Jan 2013)

Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Created company from start-up developing 4x food concepts and opening 6x locations Later integrated into TCBS Group subsidiaries
  • Directly negotiated with suppliers gaining continuous financial improvements
  • Coordinated all the operational procedures, marketing, sales and product strategy
  • Company had a workforce of 40 staff and €2.5M in revenues per annum
  • Negotiated the sale of the company and some of the concepts to one of the leading restaurant groups with significant profit
Executive Director, Loarco, Lisbon (Portugal)
(Apr 2007 – Oct 2015)

Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Created company from start-up and integrated later into TCBS Group as a subsidiary
  • Company had 15 staff and €400K in revenues per annum
  • Opened and managed 6x tailor and laundry services stores under Cort&Cose brand franchise which is the largest in Portugal with 60 locations
  • Supported the Master Franchiser in its international expansion providing operational consulting on location for the opening of stores in Angola
  • Stores were sold to staff members between 2014 and 2015
Cabin Services Manager | Board Advisor, Masterjet, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
(Jan 2006 – Mar 2007)

Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Directly managed the Cabin Services department with operations in Portugal, France, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia and with a 50 staff team
  • Coordinated directly a €5M per annum operation in Saudi Arabia, negotiating contracts with key suppliers that led to €500K in yearly savings
  • Advised the Board regarding sales in several Middle East and African countries
  • Company operated in several countries as an expert in business aviation with operations in aircraft sales, management, handling and consulting. Sold to LuxAviation Group in 2016
Cabin Crew Supervisor | Operation Coordinator, Air Luxor Corporate Jets,
Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
(Jan 2003 – June 2007)

Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Coordinated the Cabin Crew and the Logistics for a VVIP airplane operation
  • Key negotiations led to €400K in savings in 12 months
  • Worked closed with the aircraft (Airbus) owner representative to create and implement procedures that led to customer satisfaction and subsequent additional deals
Senior Cabin Crew | Instructor, Air Luxor, Lisbon (Portugal)
(Jan 2001 – June 2006)

Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Coordinated Cabin Crew in commercial regular and non-regular flights in more than 35 countries performing over 5.000h
  • Cooperated in the selection and recruitment process of Cabin Crew personnel
  • Provided Safety, Security and Service training
  • In-charge of Security for the company’s operations worldwide
Cabin Crew, PGA – Portugalia Airlines, Lisbon (Portugal)
(May 2001 – December 2001)

Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Received several commendations for the service performance
  • Member of the Emergency Care Team which is the group responsible for crisis management
Supervisor, MEO Arena, Lisbon (Portugal)
(Jan 2001 – June 2011)

Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Led security teams in high visible events such as Euro 2004, MTV Awards
  • Coordinated VIP area security teams in dozens of music, sports and cultural events
  • In-charge of VIP security details operating with international VIP’s while they stayed in Portugal
  • Named by Rolling Stone magazine one of the top 10 event security teams worldwide
Junior Officer/2nd Lieutenant, Portuguese Army/Ministry of Defense, Lisbon
(May 1995 – May 2001)

Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Member of Special Operations teams performing training and real scenario confidential operations
  • Received several commendations and medals for the service
  • Top 3 student on a Counter-Insurgency Course taken in JFK Special Warfare School in the USA
  • Top 3 operative on a variety of NATO and other international exercises and courses