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Evgeni Borisov

CEO- Vimana Global Inc

Evgeni is the founder of VIMANA Global, Inc. - the first global blockchain-based and blockchain-regulated Decentralized UAS Traffic Management (D-UTM) running on the next generation Air Traffic Control Protocol. VIMANA propels the Ecosystem by implementing its proprietary technology - breakthrough Vertical TakeOff and Landing Autonomous Aerial Vehicles that can be efficiently deployed in urban infrastructure.
I am passionate about innovative technologies and how they can be used to advance and better ourselves and the world as a whole. VIMANA Ecosystem will answer the main challenge of all global smart cities - safe and reliable switch of 2D mobility to 3D mobility.
I have more than fifteen years of corporate executive experience, including work as Marketing Director of Toshiba and Phillips. I lead VIMANA’s vision to develop novel Autonomous Aerial Vehicle technology and blockchain-backed Airspace Management Platform.