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Marcelo Sampaio

Deputy Minister - Ministry of Infrastructure – MINFRA Brazil

The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Infrastructure – MINFRA holds a Master’s degree in Transportation Planning with studies in Transportation Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment from the University of Brasilia – UnB. Specialist in Economics in the Public Sector and MBA in Public Management with work on the Use of Geoprocessing Tool as a Planning and Public Management Tool and Graduated in Civil Engineering with emphasis in Transport Sector from UnB. He is a public servant of Infrastructure Analyst career at the Ministry of Economy. For two years, he held the position of Deputy Chief of Public Management at the Deputy Chief of Articulation and Monitoring of the Presidency of the Republic. He has accumulated experience of more than ten years in Transport Infrastructure, serving for four years as Director of the Department of Transport Information and Strategic Management, Department of National Transport Policy of the Ministry of Transport, where he was Deputy Secretary.
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