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Alessandro Cardi

Deputy Director General - ENAC, Italy- ENAC, Italy

Alessandro Cardi was born in Francolise (CE) in 1954 and graduated in Aeronautical Engineering at Naples University “Federico II”- April 1979. In his career he attended several training courses of technical and managerial nature and management of quality and safety systems. 
Before being appointed as Vice Director General, on 17 Novembre 2016, he held various executive positions in ENAC and previously in Registro Aeronautico Italiano - RAI, merged in ENAC with Decreto Legislativo 25th July 1997, n. 250, as:
  • 2016 Responsible for prevention of corruption and transparency;
  • 2015 Responsible for ENAC NATO – UEO security;
  • 2014/2016 Central Director for Technical Regulation;
  • 2004/2014 Central Director  Infrastructures  Airports;
  • 1999/2004 Director  Rulemaking;
  • !997/1999 Director Organization Approval (RAI);
  • 1995/1996 Director regional safety oversight (RAI).
His main recent positions in the international field are:
  • Italian representative in the Governing Board of Blue Med- the Functional Airspace Block between Italy-Greece-Malta –Cyprus;
  • Italian representative of EU Committee for Aviation Rules so called “EASA Committee”;
  • Italian alternate member  in the Management Board  of European Aviation Safety Agency – EASA;
  • Italian alternate member  in the Provisional Council  of EUROCONTROL;           Italian representative in the EASA Management Advisory Board;
  • Member of EASA High Level Group for aerodromes. 
He served as member in several initiatives either in committee or on specific institutional mandate as: 
  • FUA committee ENAC-AM for strategic use of national airspace;
  • ENAC-AM observatory on suborbital flights activities; 
  • Ministerial commission for developing of  Piano Nazionale degli Aeroporti – Ministrer of Infrastructure and Trasport; 
  • High Level Group for  transition of  military airports to civil aviation;
  • “Commissione riforma Codice Navigazione” – body for reviewing  of Air Navigation Code,  establihed by Minister of Transport;
  • Task force of the President of Parliament Transport Commission for the project law drafting for Civil Aviation reform; 
  • Study group for establishing new rules and security measures in the field of General Aviation – Prime Minister Office. 
He served as speaker in several workshops and seminars on flight safety, airports, remotely piloted aircraft, etc. in addition to participation as teacher for Academic Master courses. 
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