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Aviation experts are rare, and rarely they come out in public. We bring a wide range of aviation experts as speakers to make the world aware of possibilities and opportunities available across the world.


Aishath Nahula
Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation - Transport and Civil Aviation Maldives
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H.E José Ricardo Botelho
Director / President - National Civil Aviation Agency Brazil
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H.E. Garry Albert
CEO - Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority
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H.E. Ian Borg
Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects - Malta
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Alessandro Cardi
Deputy Director General - ENAC, Italy - ENAC, Italy
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H.E. Mohammed Bin Ahmed Al Bowardi
Ministry of State for Defense - Minister of Defense
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Marcelo Sampaio
Deputy Minister - Ministry of Infrastructure – MINFRA Brazil
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Rodrigo Cruz
Deputy Executive Secretary - Ministry of Infrastructure - Brazil
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H.E. Dr Mohammad Qasim Wafayezada
Head of ACAA - Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority
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Dr. Fethi Chebil

Airport Safety Expert- The International Civil Aviation Organization

Dr. Féthi Chebil holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Mathematics from the Polytechnique School of the University of Montreal. He has over 20 years of experience in PPP Airport projects: partnership and financial structure, shareholding, Design, construction, Operation and Management. Since 2007, Dr. Chebil holds the office of Vice President, Airports within SNC-Lavalin and from 2012, he advised Civil Aviation Authorities in MENA, CIS and Mongolia on implementing privatization, economics regulations and major Airport projects. Dr. Chebil has gained extensive experience while managing BOT Airport, designing, and constructing major and complex Infrastructure projects and supporting countries and National aviation administration. He was in charge of 2bUS$ design and build projects mainly in North America, Europe and Africa. Dr. Chebil was also involved in the definition of major government programs such as the new governance framework for major projects in Canada, UK, and USA.

Dr. Chebil is fluent in English, French and Arabic.