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Aviation experts are rare, and rarely they come out in public. We bring a wide range of aviation experts as speakers to make the world aware of possibilities and opportunities available across the world.


Aishath Nahula
Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation - Transport and Civil Aviation Maldives
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H.E José Ricardo Botelho
Director / President - National Civil Aviation Agency Brazil
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H.E. Garry Albert
CEO - Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority
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H.E. Ian Borg
Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects - Malta
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Alessandro Cardi
Deputy Director General - ENAC, Italy - ENAC, Italy
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H.E. Mohammed Bin Ahmed Al Bowardi
Ministry of State for Defense - Minister of Defense
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Marcelo Sampaio
Deputy Minister - Ministry of Infrastructure – MINFRA Brazil
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Rodrigo Cruz
Deputy Executive Secretary - Ministry of Infrastructure - Brazil
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H.E. Dr Mohammad Qasim Wafayezada
Head of ACAA - Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority
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Gerold Tumulka

CEO- Swissport Middle East

Date of Birth A April 09th, 1966
Nationality / Status G German / Married
Education  German Army Officer Academy, University of Frankfurt/Main, St. 
Gallen Management Institute, Lufthansa School of Business
Work Record
2018 – to date
2015 - 2018
2012 - 2015
2009 - 2011
2007 - 2009
2004 - 2007
1999 - 2005
1988 - 1999

Management Positions:
CEO, Swissport Middle East
(Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
COO, National Aviation Services
(Kuwait, Kuwait)
CEO, Friedrichshafen Airport
(Friedrichshafen, Germany)
(Frankfurt, Germany)
Manager Flight Operations, FRAPORT
(Frankfurt Airport, Germany)

Major Experience 
& Achievements
• More than 30 years experience in international and multicultural 
aviation business, holding executive management positions in 
network airlines, airports, airport services and aviation consult￾ing.
• Accountable Manager and Postholder (Operations) Positions in 
Airlines & Maintenance, Aerodrome Accountable Manager
• Successful management at several airlines and airline start-ups, 
including regional airlines, LCC and network carrier
• Business Development in the Near & Middle East, Central Asia, 
Indian Ocean and South & East Africa 
• Operational management, incl. restructuring, on 4 continents
• Keynote speaker for Airbus & EU projects in the Middle East and 
• Strong leadership and communication skills
• Expert in airline and airport operations and management