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Aviation experts are rare, and rarely they come out in public. We bring a wide range of aviation experts as speakers to make the world aware of possibilities and opportunities available across the world.


Aishath Nahula
Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation - Transport and Civil Aviation Maldives
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H.E José Ricardo Botelho
Director / President - National Civil Aviation Agency Brazil
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H.E. Garry Albert
CEO - Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority
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H.E. Ian Borg
Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects - Malta
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Alessandro Cardi
Deputy Director General - ENAC, Italy - ENAC, Italy
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H.E. Mohammed Bin Ahmed Al Bowardi
Ministry of State for Defense - Minister of Defense
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Marcelo Sampaio
Deputy Minister - Ministry of Infrastructure – MINFRA Brazil
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Rodrigo Cruz
Deputy Executive Secretary - Ministry of Infrastructure - Brazil
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H.E. Dr Mohammad Qasim Wafayezada
Head of ACAA - Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority
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H.E. Dr. Obaid Al Zaabi

CEO- Securities and Commodities Authority

H.E. Dr. Obaid Saif Hamad Al Zaabi is the Chief Executive Officer of Securities and 
Commodities Authority (SCA) and has over 28 years of work experience in financial 
legislation,  accounting,  banking,  finance  and investment,  and Shari'ah‐compliant 
finance from many leading financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates, such 
as the U.A.E. Central Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, Amlak Finance, and the Securities 
and Commodities Authority (SCA). He has been working with SCA since year 2008 
and  has  handled  various  roles  and  responsibilities  and  various  challenging 

Dr. Al Zaabi earned his PhD in Banking & Finance  from Durham University, UK in 
Yr.2006 and his MBA in Yr.2000. He graduated from the UAE University in 1989 with 
a BSc. in Business & Accounting. Mr. Al Zaabi is also a full member of the Australian 
Institute  of  CMA,  the  Auditing  &  Accounting  Organization  for  Islamic  Financial 
Institutions  (CIPA)  and  the  UAE  Auditors  and  Accountants  Association.  He 
represents  the  Gulf  Regulatory  Authorities  in  the  International  Federation  of 
Accountants  (IFAC)  as  member  of  the  Consultative  Advisory  Groups  of  the 
International  Auditing  and  Assurance  Standards  Board  (IAASB)  as  well  as  the 
International  Ethics  Standards  Board  for  Accountants  (IESBA).  Mr.  Al  Zaabi  is  a 
member of the board of directors of the GCC Accounting and Auditing Organization 
(GCAAO) and Vice Chairman of the UAE Financial Restructuring Committee. He has 
been  the Co‐ Chair of the MENA OECD Working Group on Corporate Governance 
and  at  present  is  the  Chairman  of  the  IOSCO  Growth  and  Emerging  Markets 
Committee (GEMC) and Vice Chairman of the IOSCO Board.  

He has been accorded with various awards and recognition including "Middle East 
Financial  Markets  Excellence  Award"  by  The  Middle  East  Excellence  Awards 
Institute,  2016  and  "Distinguished  Chief Financial Officers  (CFOs) in  the Financial 
Sector"  award  offered  by  the  British  Magazine  "Finance  Monthly",  2016.  Dr.  Al 
Zaabi  has  also  delivered  a  series  of  keynote  lectures  and  courses  to  both 
undergraduate  and  post‐graduate  students  at  Sharjah University and  the  British 
University in Dubai.